Hack the universe root keys

It was decades ago that I did my first crack and it was before many people who hack computers were born. I realized then that it was an uncommon skill to do such a thing. GeoHot, that found the root keys for the PS2 would seem to be such a person that has a talent for this type of thing. They are suing him/her for this and they are really shortsighted to do such a thing. Obviously he/she has a very valuable talent in the age of computers and complexity.

My best crack is the laws of the universe itself. Just saying such a thing would be no proof or every all caps Internet professor of supreme intelligence and universal knowledge would be proved correct. Since there is only one right answer, it is logical to conclude that there are many confused people. Included in that confusion is main stream science to a much lesser degree since it relies very little on self delusion for a scientific proof. Whether a person wants it or not, when you demonstrate that strange talent that others covet it forces a person to be in a position of notoriety that I always shunned because it interferes.

I wonder why it has to be that way. I cannot judge from a different perspective easily, but certainly I hold Tesla, Maxwell, Archimedes, Galileo, Gauss, and many others in high esteem and so perhaps that is it. They could easily have been real jerks to know personally and it bothers me that a person like Galileo suffered so much for his great talent.

I have a proof of concept, but like all things I must consider what happens next and at least prepare for the consequences if such a thing causes a prompt critical ( in a social sense ). Perhaps others should prepare also, but I don't have the microphone, so the caution falls quietly on /dev/NULL.

ADDED: Google targeted ads had me ROFL on what was presented. I am guessing this is unintended consequence. It is not possible to predict what changes will come from something that seems so simple as a Markov chain analysis, but I can attest there are some very odd corner cases to that tool. The black swans are on the wing and if they all land in one tree as I suspect they will, what trans-dark swan will emerge from that strange sort?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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