Root kit for the human mind

Berkely CS 162 is interesting as it goes into aspects of multi-core operating systems and is thought provoking ( aside TinyOS ) . I have designed several operating systems and it is a place where there is no one perfect answer, even in a VOS. It made me think about the system which is a multi-core OS that has something like 1011 parallel elements IIRC. It is the archetypal parallel system. It can be root kitted as there are many examples of indoctrination to various degrees of abuse or use. It is designed for cooperation and a child must learn from its teachers or it is at a loss for dealing with situations which are fatal and have no prima facie solution or a solution which presents itself by common reasoning. A squirrel has no inherent understanding of physics of bodies in motions and no complex language to express the risks of freeway traffic and thus is subject to "road kill".

The survival of a person in a complex world depends on accepting information from another person who gives them valid clues as to an appropriate action which is anecdotal and without foundation.

This can be abused to create almost any twisted behavior and sometimes is passed along as a gift and kindness when it is a shared delusion.

Memes do move through this medium but biological evolution does not as it has no linkage to the physicality. It is different with a conjoined biology and meme like organisms that cause behavioral changes that further transmission and physical extension. If a venereal disease caused a person to become more sexually active by the chemical interaction with the mind then this could be a linkage.

There are cases where a pathogen influences cognition in some very rudimentary ways. The nature of biology is vastly complex and involves every aspect of the universe from physics to sciences that are yet to be imagined. A bot net compromises a physical hardware to extend its effect and is a dual phase organism that achieves physicality of expression but can exist as information only. Learning entails the exposure to new ideas and some form of selective adoption.

I was rather shocked that email could have a virus that was transmitted by opening an email as it was nonsensical that a system would be designed to allow inclusion of operational elements in a text document (1993). A person familiar with the hardware and software can craft such a thing. It is a bit more devastating than the Morris Worm if a method is devised which acts on living systems. It is possible to create many different inductions that have differing levels of persistence and effect. It is called advertising , brain washing, religion, cults, and just simple deception and manipulation like magic tricks or cons.

The memes and advertising have no physical component and so they dissipate as time goes by like the nations that rise and fall on the strength of their meme.

It is possible to create a meme with a physical component and it would likely have the same type of effect on humans as the Morris Worm had on mail systems. I don't intend to be as impetuous as Morris and I am just wondering what form and nature it would have and if it would be persistent enough to be considered an organism in its own right. The combination of cells is considered a partition named as an entity and would a collection of these be any less of an entity if it was continuous and persistent throughout the entire biosphere of organisms with complex neural structure?

It could be called Gaia. In any case these types of considerations are for the sake of considering what forms of life might exist in a universe which is many orders of magnitude ( or infinitely ) larger than this sliver of the perception.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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