A murder of crow sorts

There are some emergent methods that I have investigated and it seems that perhaps there is an algorithm in nature that supports continuous autonomous life. It would seem that this is a goal that could be shared by many and could be implemented in a method. It might seem odd to have a group of people who wish to be independent of any external influence and yet directed to a common goal. There are examples in nature where even though the participants are independent agents for their personal biological continuance, they act in a method which serves to continue the group to a goal. Once that goal is reached it is again the anarchy of self interest. A common example is flocking.

What is implied is a method that allows implementation of a simple principle that solves the issue of personal conflict as a detracting force in society or government. In the case of migrating birds or schools of fish, it would seem that disposing of a rival would be in the interest of the individual fitness to survive. In the case of open source, it lacks that principle and it is acting in the process but has not been applied in such a way that it can create a swarm that dominates the entire landscape.

The idea of Linux and open anything is that furthering interests that are shared is beneficial to all concerned and thus should not be used to discriminate on an individual basis. It is inherent in the universe and its agent of the living organism to be in conflict with other life. In the case that there is a complex natural or developed intelligence at work it can be implemented in such a way that government ceases to exist as a matter of overwhelming force and yet the elements have protection from external force and threat to continuance without subservience to a principle, religion or authority.

I am presently modeling the method and it is at work in nature as a side effect of biological evolution and its implementation is a left handed model of the principle such that it can be applied in a randomly generated biology.

I hope to create a model which can be used and applied for communication and action which serves to reach the goals that of personal interest to me. The principles have no relationship to the goal except within the personally identified principles. The principle and its implementation is independent of the interests and goals of the individual participants and as such is individual neutral to any interest, even if it is irrational and detrimental to others.

The entire mechanism is very elegant mathematically as well as logically and it cannot be presented in a sound bite. It is the distillation of many different relationships in nature that I have observed and modeled. It is very surprising to see how flocking can be achieved in a simple simulation by defining a very rudimentary rule set of association and disassociation.

My immediate goal is to create a visual model that allows others to see the utility as it evolves in a biological situation. It has within it the individual goal, the energy of the participants, an existing state of organization, methods of conflict resolution and a way to show that given ANY intent of the individual, it is best served by following the principles. I despise self help gurus, as they espouse plans that are real self help, however the self is them and the help they want is lots of cash. There are principles that need to be commonly understood and freely available. The start is to have the mechanism available so that it can be used for personal interest, which is best served in a more effective whole. It is difficult for a person to act in a socially responsible way, but if it obvious that what is being done is a direct benefit and the best choice in the short and long run, then it is likely to be adopted without external pressure to do so.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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