Jurassic Hollywood Park

The scene opens on an island in the Pacific with an insane and strangely kind looking gentleman in a nicely tailored suit who looks much like Bill Gates and he explains:

"We brought some of the finest minds in genetics here along with actresses from pornographic films as surrogate mothers for the clones and mosquitoes that were let loose at a Bill Gates seminar in Hollywood , where they bit all of the famous people and were collected. We hired a nearly psychopathic computer specialist to handle security and control running Windows, so nothing can go wrong there. We have built electrified enclosures to confine them in their natural habitat which looks much like Rodeo Drive. We had to put the Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson clones in a special enclosure as they became far more violent than we expected when they were told they couldn't act. Don't worry they won't ever be allowed to make another sequel to Lethal Weapon or Die Hard."


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen