Gravity guild and history

I am still a bit more than shocked that gravitational magnetism has been known since the time of James Maxwell and probably before that also. The strange thing is that it is not ever mentioned in any literature that purports to be about physics or relativity. It was said that Einstein was the only person who truly understood relativity and I am guessing that even that is an exaggeration. It is clear to me why gravitational magnetism exists and how it operates. It is also clear that Maxwell knew this as well as many other things which have never been mentioned AFAIK.

Innovation in science does not necessarily cover the reasonable possible paths. In my case I look at each effect and project all the possible uses by factorial combination. This is why it is so wearing on me mentally. So it has been known to exist for 130 years and yet no one has figured out how to use it and what a great tool it is. People insist on spending billions of dollars to explode a trash can full of people and equipment when they could move materials with the just the difference in potential and kinetic energy between the two gravity wells.

This is so not cool. How can an obvious relationship be measured and known for 100+ years and yet fail to be understood for what it is? It seems that the fact that atoms fall apart and produce Ek was more important as it could be used to increase entropy. It is the violent mind at work.

I suppose it ( Gravity ) is a subject that is only discussed in the context of relativity, quantum mechanics, black holes, and there is where it becomes something it is not. Oh dear Isaac Newton, if you were alive today you would scream.

ADDED: This could unlock energy that is on the order of 1018 barrels of oil which is $1020, which is the GNP for millions of years. Now if it were used to wage war it could engulf the entire solar system in chaos for thousands of years and it would seem that this is what is more likely to happen than not. The interests of those who promote the common action of nations is to seek control and make war to achieve an advantage. An absurd concept that has been fostered since the beginning of history as an extension of biological selection. It is time for that to end. Violence breeds violence.

In the early 1900's when it was obvious that there was energy bound in the structure of atoms it was discussed and it is obvious that the result was to use it to wage war and maintain social systems. It is a war waiting and like the eugenics of the 1900's and beyond it combine with a principle to say that organizations of state should act out the biological evolution of human form and that is so wrong on so many levels. I see the foundations of a new eugenics in the knowledge of DNA and I also see a new power source that makes nations. It needs to stop as it ends any chance that life can continue, even in space away from the Earth.

A -clean- energy source which is billions of time more effective than nuclear fusion as well as free from the side effects. I am guessing that many years in the future ( if it exists ), people will wonder about the dark ages of the early millennium. This social problem is the only thing that stops me from implementing something at this very moment. I see no answer to the dilemma of escalating impulse to exert control over others as if it were a tribe of monkeys deciding who would breed the new , more violent, descendant. That is my goal today or until I have a solution. What options ( if any ) can be applied to allow people as they exist to operate without continual conflict for some imaginary biological supremacy. I suppose it is one of those side effects of neurological development that cannot be unlinked from the matrix. A mind designed by chaos to survive in chaos. It is certainly a strange universe when all things are considered.

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. This hound of the temporal inter-world stands ready to hunt for Pandora's amusement.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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