Dark on all the sides

It is obvious where things are headed and it doesn't look good for any normal futures for any use of the word normal. It can be projected that certain technologies can be combined and in fact have already been combined to make some new conditions. It is that rather strange aspect of combinatorics that leads to futures that cannot be predicted by the past with any mechanism or imagination. If it is a matter of combining fire and water and air it is certainly a simple set of options. It is obvious that even as I speak some clever person has realized what I already know and strangeness is coming to breakfast and the Mad Hatter's Tea Party ensues.

I can't relate what I know because I haven't come to grips with it yet. I would like to relate that there is an alien from Alpha Centauri in my living room, but I am not sure as to what is meant by living room. The days seem more and more like a Phillip K. Dick projection into reality and though the Blade Runners know that something is up, they haven't yet figured out how to turn it to their advantage. Somebody forgot to push one of the rods back into the core of the technological reactor and now it is far too late for a cold shutdown.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen