Neutrino flux capacitor

Some very interesting things show up in the model of a galaxy in time and space. It seems that many ghost whispers hide in the data.

If there is a general idea of what is taking place the whole makes more sense form those things that certainly must exist as products of other events and though they are not directly measurable, their final destination is always known when they leave. The differentials of <x,y,z,t> cannot be represented in a visual form and it does pose some problems for relating and understanding what path a process takes. Much of the understanding of relationships revolves around the dimensional relationship of parts. It might be said that many things that we consider to be complete with a frame of reference can wander quit a distance in time while still being contained within the whole.

Something walks among the stars and if it were possible to understand the layout of the playground it would certainly give an answer to where to start and what are the ultimate motives that would be present. The fire of chaos burns always and that is not what interests me as it ebbs and flows about its core. The vague outline tells little of what would proceed, however there is that strange time within time that is always present. A few 100 years of observation is hardly a good perspective to judge the universe. It does have its own time machines and like combining the many reflections of surfaces it is possible to compose an image of history.

There is a sweet spot and many of the mechanisms at work imply that a specific course should be taken and where that leads is where friends will meet again.

Of course the dark matter dances about the universe, how could it not. Once its being is conceived and then moving beyond our gaze, does it disappear like a tree not observed? It seems that deception and misdirection is practiced by many more than the magician though its goal is not to entertain.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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