Immortality plague, the last three days

( EDITED for math errors )An interesting consequence of some research in cellular mechanics is a sort of immortality plague. The fears of the future are always framed in a disease that would decimate and kill millions, but it is possible that the fight for continuity will be realized in something that would be a state of living without death. It does seem a reasonable assumption that it will be examined and biology has a sharp edge when combined with exponential growth. An organism that has no chance of infection or corruption would dominate in a very short time period.

I will attempt to calculate the progress. I am guessing it at about 1021 which is 2lg(10)*21. So that is 270 and as 70! is about a googol, that is interesting. So it would be 70 cycles of replication of one hour which is about 3 days. Considering the speed of molecular interaction it could not expand faster than the speed of sound in water and so it would be 1482 m/s. It would be a distance of 4x107m which means a half circ. travel of about 8 hours. So it is likely to be about 3-30 days. I would guess that it would expand more slowly as each cell would have to sacrifice itself as a barrier for every phage or virus it encountered. In the end it would quench the ability of phage and virus to reach a replication target and thus would be consumed in normal course. It would seem that the result would be a complete cleansing of the entire earth of every virus that lived outside a cell and eventually the genetic reservoir and distribution would be insufficient to maintain itself and it would collapse and for the first time in all of the Earths history, cellular life would act without viral distraction.

In the time scale of the stars it would not be unreasonable to assume that it would collapse to a mechanism of horizontal gene transfer that would eventually create a population that was free of infection.

An interesting excursion and it would seem that without intervention that it would cycle back to a new and more virulent under life. The first trigger event or patient zero could be identified in such an environment.

So that is the transition. That does explain why instrumentality and conquest is not the norm. It needs no great force beyond its intellect. The biological Matrioshka brain that needs no great fury to bring the dance of ages. An answer but not to the question desired by its parts.

ASIDE: LA Times has gotten the Loughner video and it certainly seems pretty strange. The human mind is a strange organ and what prompts a person to act in such a way escapes any explanation that I can offer. I don't think he is insane. I have seen many totally insane people in my many years of life and he hardly ranks. I would guess that some prescribed as well as illegal chemicals are involved in that tragedy.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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