In the cold between stars, a wander

A sphere-world that lives on the ash of a dead star and draws power in the birth and death of fusion's fire. Most certainly dark and fingerprint ready. A pinwheel Penrose purpose in time without scale. It does seem that it would be better to look for that which is not patterned in a known way as the number of possible variations is greater than the possible search parametric. An anti-pattern recognition. It does seem that the science is only a small portion of the solution. It is the motive and its means that have more meaning than any instrumentality.

It would seem that a wolf in any clothing will always consume the poison pill when thrashing in its unending need. Not cautious and not conscious, merely driven. One can hardly blame the thoughtless actions of mindless hunger. To assign the wolf a considered motive is adding that which cannot exist without peaceful repose. The cake is the lie.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen