Gravity twist to the 7th degree

I have been analyzing the einstein game again and looking for the tools that solve in a human way. I can easily create solution matrices or algorithms, but that doesn't provide a more generalized solution when the game rules or playing field changes. It does seem to be a matter of the scale of the inter-relations that makes it difficult for some. Real situations are far more complex and only a very small part of the combinations can be related.

In a generalized situation of the game is perhaps the reason that gravity is not currently understood. It seems fitting that the game is Einstein and this was the person who hoped to understand it through mathematics. The mathematical language of sets logic and variable relationships does provide a glimpse into the workings, but it seems that some technique is missing to make it more tractable to analysis and thus more obvious and extensible.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction because change is achieved in the interaction of matter on its base principles and every action proceeds from this basic bijection of operands in an infinite way. The odd man out is gravity, and it in unidirectional and singular in its effect. There is a relationship between momentum, charge and gravity that drives the stars in their perpetual dance. The complete solution hangs like a cloud just out of reach like an einstein game with too many parts. The solution is obviously there and it can be confined to a region and a relationship, but the mechanism of understanding is the element that I seek. A generalized algorithm that can be presented as a mental tool or generalized case reasoning which applies to solve for new application and combination of the process.

It is easily possible to have safe and economical travel between the planets and perhaps the only real question is what to do with the space. It is also possible to generate virtually unlimited energy to drive process. It is also possible to establish automatic method that supports life in a reasonable extension. The crux of the matter is: what purpose will the solution be driven to. The motive of state is obvious in its extension and 3 space is not sympathetic to 2d reasoning. Certainly 3 applied into 2 is a definite winner, but what is won? It serves the 3 to own the 2, but 3 has more value than all of 2.

It seems that the only method would be the exchange of something which is needed by all and cannot be procured. It would seem that perspective and view is the only currency that would be of value. It is only that which is new and that is dependent upon the derivative of action and product of vectors.

No currency survives without greed. It is greed that kills the virus in the immortality plague. It is simply a matter that consuming too much of the space guarantees that eventually the raven will sit mocking in its make shift throne.

Something strange stalks the Internet with Markov tools and Monte Carlo methods and perhaps it is SkyNet already born and wanting.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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