Fringe science and solitons

I was under the impression that no one had ever considered gravitational magnetism and I admit that my solutions come from a unique perspective. I do not ask what happens, but why and it is of interest why E=mc2 and have no doubt of the measurable effect. This article at wikipedia that I just encountered on Gravitomagnetism completely freaks me out as I had not encountered the discussion before and admit that when I speak of gravitational magnetism it is definitely this same effect "generally" though I arrive at the solution from a different perspective. It makes all the difference in the world as things that seem convolved and unrelated can be completely coherent when viewed from the proper perspective.

I am studying solitons today and I understand optical solitons in another way due to my perspective on the matter. It is not the least surprising to me and though the math and concepts can get quite hairy, they are understandable. It seems that there are many things that I can translate from the formalized and singularity style reasoning to a more usable set of infinities.

I have been studying ways to implement a space travel and this link to the Google X-prize is informative. I feel that a technology that controls gravity is far beyond what is expected in getting to the moon, however it is not predictable when someone will have a flash of inspiration and leap to a new understanding of the universe.

On the subject of DiY biology I have been studying it and deciding how to integrate new methods there and considering the consequence. I am very certain that open ended life extension is possible now and could be achieved in a matter of years with existing technology. The thing that I am wondering about is the consequence of mixing the propensity of humanity to go to extremes of personal interest with technologies. Even when the Third Reich was promoting eugenics, the US was practicing the same thing by curing mentally deficient people with sterilization, lobotomies and imprisonment. It happens in every country, though sometimes it is very subtle.

So in conclusion today, I must say that it has been an advantage to learn the methods of existing physics and it is starting to bear fruit as I can unscramble the equations and odd semantics to discover new relationships in matter that I have no need to test. It makes a new path to verify some of my conjectures that have not yet been tested.

There is absolutely no question that I can control gravity and inertia in some very unusual ways that allow movement of material between gravity wells. I wonder what happens, ( well I know ) when reality meets a theory of denial. The function of institution is to take control and not innovate. As a result it becomes more and more fragmented by the complexity of technological expansion. Some new discoveries in biology are so bizarre that they are beyond any science fiction that I have encountered. I look at Star Trek and many other sci-fi series in the same way that I see early Buck Rogers and movies like the blob or "Them". They seem like wild ideas at the origin, but now they are just silly projections of the future and the real future is far more entertaining in the reality of what is possible. These new technologies are real and they have an edge that no fiction can match as each move that is made is fraught with danger, mystery, and great advantage.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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