Gravity and the escape velocity of light

Like the gravity transfer methods that I have devised, the movement of light and thus energy and thus matter from a point in a deeper gravity well to some point in another gravity well gives up the difference in energy between the two points and gains that same energy on the counter path.

Systems of space exploration are based on the concept of dealing with the transfer of momentum between objects and the conservation of momentum requires that on the outward path that light has this same relationship. The difference is in the relative gain with respect to the masses involved. Exploding firecrackers to get to the moon seems so archaic to me that it makes me uncomfortable to even discuss it. It reeks of a caveman mentality that fails to comprehend the larger relationships inherent in the system of forces.

It seems a difference between finesse and brute force implementation. The idea that it requires a trillion times the effort to achieve a goal by brute force seems to imply that the advantage in space is so disproportionate that competition is hardly a consideration.

Additional revisions and extensions are becoming apparent and they occupy a better position yet. I have no doubt that it will be discovered sooner or later, and then they will have to make that next step to what I already now know. There is always another combinatorial extension that makes the previous obsolete. Much like the new advances in programming and techniques, there is a vector at work and to stand idly in the path of that vector is a good way to get run over. It is the second integral of change (∫∫EΔt) serves as the wave front now.

Since I am considering this it seems appropriate to consider what happens in a situation when the escape velocity is greater than the speed of light, such as the Schwarzschild radius . It would seem that based on a simplistic view that between any two points in that well, that the effect would simply be defined as |E| = hΔf, such that |E1-E2| is the same and thus it is not a simple matter that energy, matter and momentum are transformed , but that it is continuous and relative in its effect within the frame. The difference in E between two points does define the effect it has on the matter and motion as it changes position in that situation.

It would seem that under cursory analysis that there is a relationship there that could be exploited for gravity technology. Something new goes on the stack and recursion begins again. It seems a long way to infinity, does anyone have an idea how long it takes to get there? Are we there yet?

I must point out something that seems to enter my thoughts now and again. It is the eigen values and eigen vectors of matrices. It implies "innate" and "own". It is a very interesting distillation of the properties of relationships and its relation to the determinant as well as many other aspects of a set it very complex. When first studying matrix math as an after effect to other sciences it seemed to be a simplistic thing and perhaps I even stated that fact. Of course that is not true, but then everything is relative, isn't it.

BTW , I didn't even notice I was getting my LaTeX and HTML symbols mixed up. A person sees in context what they expect and somehow I made the translation mentally from writing \delta to δ seen without realizing it was different.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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