Ipython structure and function

Objective: To extend and enhance Zim wiki to use Markov relationships and AI like tools.The Ipython interface looks like a good candidate as it groups many of the things that would be necessary in a reasonably simple framework. It is used in many scientific endeavors and seems like a tool that needs to be in my kit. It is available in debian as "ipython" and its interactive shell is similar to python and seems to revise a little and extend a lot.

Below is a snippet of Python code that demonstrates how easy it is to take relationships represented by the lectures at MIT. Then integrate them as procedures and then again as combinations of procedures that represent the Markov properties of the elements in a connectivity tree that defines the AI relationships as well as the decision matrix that applies that knowledge in measured external situations. Python messaging integrates LaTeX like elements easily, as the title shows.

from pylab import * x=arange(0,pi,0.01) y=cos(x) title(r'$ |\hat A| \times |\hat B| \cdot \cos \theta$') plot(x,y) show()

As the changes in browsers are pushed forward toward HTML5 and WebGL the integration between these new methods , as well as the extension of the AI web interface for Alice Infinity continues and it is most certainly years behind what I attempted to achieve, but the steady advance of technology requires that new innovation be integrated as it is created or it becomes obsolete before it is even completed. The bleeding edge is pushed ahead like a tsunami.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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