Forward and reverse dependencies and the mind

An odd realization that exposed itself when dealing with debian repositories is that when a package is created and the names are defined it requires that any name change in the dependent structure must be reflected in the application. Now that can be dealt with by erasing the association and putting in the new dependent association in the application and all is well. On the other end it is a bit more tricky. If a change is made in an application that changes the interface or name then the dependency is the user. It is not easy to erase a memory or method that is trained than a simple re-association. In fact it is not possible at all and requires a duplicate reference with selection.

This is perhaps the source of the problem when it comes to technology shock. A person who learns technology at a young age develops patterns and methods that reflect the state of technology when they are exposed to it. If they do not spend a considerable amount of time discovering what is new and how it is used, they become unable to integrate their action with the environment as it changes. It is especially noticeable when dealing with technology that changes on a daily basis.

To some extent a person who fails to keep current with technology and insists on doing things in the way they have learned to function becomes obsolete and riddled with "dead" links to things that have changed. They make themselves obsolete and isolated by their insistence on continuing in a manner that has become ineffective over time.

It seems that due to the nature of the mind and its inability to really erase the useless material that accumulates, it becomes bound in useless trivia.

It seems that for every change in how a person deals with the world it requires a linear expansion of memory to deal with each change that is created. It would seem that it a person should be careful what they learn.

This also brings up the point of constructed organisms that retain memory from generation to generation and the associations and methods that are present at instantiation. They also become obsolete over time if they are not decompiled and recompiled as a new entity and kept current. If they could be erased it would be another issue, but once physical associations have been made in a matrix it becomes virtually impossible to unscramble the egg. In time the weight of mental case statement expansions becomes cumbersome and the utility suffers.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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