The bicameral mind and the concept of gods and singularity

As an aside, I was watching a video from the Hebrew university and they were describing using "luciferase" in the human mind to discover pathways of neural excitation. I thought it was odd in the juxtaposition of concepts that included "Lucifer", Hebrew, mind and an enzyme that decomposed Lucifer in the mind. I was almost ready to accept that this was a lead in to a Hebrew exorcism. "Out damn spot". Also it seems that the "shi" sure looks like a person laying on the ground dead as viewed from an observer.

The symbol is the Chines "shi" or symbol of the dead. It would seem that many of the problems that exist today in culture and society revolves about the idea of the immortality of existence and its consequence in how that is applied to actions. There is an assumption that some unique element is present in the emergence of personality and concept of being. It seems that it is represented by a concept that is not defined and yet is used as if it were defined. I could ask if something is alive and no one would question that it is a valid question. Since life or existence cannot be defined it becomes a statement that includes a mathematical relationship like NaN ( Not a Number ) * 20. The equation is without sense or application as is the product. It does not exist.

It seems that the problem arises not by any scientific or reasonable assumption, but rather the desire to be something more than can be observed or proved.

This vanity seems to be the drive which fuels the chaotic struggle to expand and decorate that singularity which does not exist. There are certainly some very unusual things about the nature of the universe and the rejection of that which is nonsensical does not reject that which is not yet known. To be able to act in a way that is consistent with the universe and the nature of being is to know that relationship. The complexities of things that extend to infinity in all directions and time as well as being a complex of these infinities is hardly a dull and simplistic objectification. The complexities involved in temporal existential form are the product of infinities so convolved and complex that they are beyond computation in an ordered and precise manner by any possible means. The simple fact that a single infinity is included in an equation is sufficient to make it intractable by integer counting extrapolation. It seems evident that defining a corporal boundary to some region of space and assigning it a name does not change the fluid and interactive nature of its parts. I can put a cup and a saucer in a box and call it Mary, but I would have some trouble deciding where Mary went if the cup and saucer are separated and changed.

It is this bonfire of vanities that fuels the conflict of existence and it certainly has meaning in the rise from chaos, but its utility in more complex structures is a detriment to its own principle. There are many unusual and sharp edges to the universe and this perhaps one of those boundary conditions that separate the dependency on chaos from a more reasonable and continuous construct.

It has been suggested that the bicameral mind was such a boundary, though I find the conclusions and precision of its representation dubious. It is an interesting consideration and would be difficult to prove or disprove without regenerating some Neanderthals.


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Automated Intelligence
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