Building ringworld with moties and about constructed beings

It is possible to make a biological model that supports the structure and function of a physical framework in the same phenotype as a person for example, and it is also possible to implement the complexity and effect of human motive and experience. I have considered that it is possible to make a mini-person in the form of a "motie engineer" type thing that was on the scale of a pencil, but that the neurological process was not possible to be implemented at that scale. Now I have devised a way to implement that with a biological based method that can operate at the 1018 complexity that I assume would be sufficient. So it seems that it is certainly possible to make such a thing that functions within an emotional like framework to serve some well defined role in the overall goal. It sounds like biological slavery, but biology has been slaved to human purposes always. A cultured plant or animal for consumption is just as much a slave in that respect as this.

Sociological considerations aside, the construction of organism that are born with knowledge and reintegrate that knowledge as it is replaced seems as good a principle as any. If the structure and function is maintained as information and the relationship of that information to the form, then it could be said that it is a program that defines a hardware and software combination independent of its actual instantiation.

The being-ness of the organism is dependent upon first implementing the device or organism and the issue of its destruction or misuse does not arise except from its creation. I can imagine that if it were constructed in a certain way, that it would be unhappy in its role as a slave or thing. It does present some odd philosophical issues if the neural structure could be implemented with a negative feedback for situations that resulted in permanent discontinuance of operation ( eternal death or obsolescence ). It is possible that it could be implemented either way though the weight of retention over disposal is certainly the way to go if it was intended to get out of ( the gripping ) hand.

It seems that the concept could be implemented on any scale and complexity and it would make sense to have molecular agents that act blindly at the scale of an atom to perform some intelligent task like Maxwell's demon implemented in such a way that it does not violate the entropic considerations. Ants act blindly at a scale well below that of a person and serve as a similar model to the artificial introduction of an agent at various scales of effect from the purely chemical to systems that would act at much higher complexities. It seems that many different and complete biosystems could be postulated and implemented to be more efficient at delivering content from chaos.

It would seem that the best approach is to define a complete organism system for a specific environment and task and simply store it away when it was done and reuse the parts. It seems to imply that the real basis of any system is the ability to retain and expand information in a meaningful way. This implies that the concept of continuance without change is absurd and any attempt to maintain that which is ( meaning that which exists physically ) simply for the fact that it does exist is a product of the neurological structure and its operating mode. Things exist which have no physical form like ideas and once implemented they live and once de-constructed they continue to live so long as the information which becomes them continues.

This neurological predisposition is inherent in the origin of its design. A system of chaos has a limited set of tools to create product and the most versatile is memory of being. This raises some strange philosophical questions again as chaos could be considered an agent which is immortal in its action though various in its implementation. It seems that chaos could be considered the immortal process which struggles against complexity to define the solution. Interesting. Something like the Yin and Yang IIRC. It seems that the Taoist approach reaches at the core issues but fails to see the underlying elements. A perpetual process that proceeds always to a single goal and has at its heart, the burning immortal chaos. Strange indeed this infinite and unending dance. Since there is no singular way to define or localize being as it intertwines itself in all things, it would seem that living and dead is a matter of how the terms are defined and perhaps that definition cannot be made in any absolute sense. It doesn't change any personal motives as they are self defined in the same way, but it is an interesting philosophical stretch.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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