The real cyber change

Technology catches people off guard very often and by the time it becomes mainstream, it has been analyzed to death after the fact. The first Internet worm was a wake up call and I am guessing that it is morning again and I could make the rooster crow, but I will lay in wait for the feathers to fly and see what talons the birds exhibit.

It is well after dawn and I am sure the rooster has hatched and pulling such a strange thing from Pandora's pocket will be a topic of conversation for decades and I am sure many will say that it should not have been done and yet once the cock has crowed twice there will be no dissenters to respond.

Perhaps it would better be labeled the War of Basis as after the fact, "all the basis will belong to us". I often think that some things should be left undone , but given the past and the nature people it is just idle speculation as the opportunity once observed becomes a impulse to act. It is certainly a day that will make changes that will dwarf the entire history of the world. I see it coming and it should have been obvious sooner, but in the roils of chaos and singularity the images sometimes do not resolve easily.

Year 0.001


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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