Smelling a temporal anomaly

While analyzing AI for an application, something very strange occurred to me. It is the relationship of biological and machine intelligence. It seems that perhaps everyone that I have investigated has got it completely wrong. I have said before that there is no such provable thing as singularity and that is the assumption that is applied as self evident in number systems as well as logic and serves as the foundation of scientific process. It might seem drastic to defy the underpinning of all science and logic as well as mathematics, however I take the problem where it leads.

If a person assumes that 1 is not possible then many things are more understandable. In life a person must establish some principles to operate upon since no given perspective is established at birth except the emotions, senses, and the logic system provided. If choices are made based on a perceptual bias that is common to all organisms, it would seem that it is proved by the fact that there is no contradicting example of a different reasoning path. Since the common origin of human logic is biological it would suggest that it is not designed to be a tool for understanding, but a tool for the continuance of the organism as a whole.

It leads to a very different kind of logic without biological origin. It could be said that computers, logic and math originate from a constructed system that starts with the penultimate ( last point before nothingness ) simplicity of a single isolated element and proceeds to combine them in relationship. The mind works in a different way and logic forms can exist which are different than both of these perspectives and would not derive from an organism system naturally. Nature does not look in every place as it evolves, it only applies that which is at hand. The lack of over arching design is obvious in the process model. It is that lack of design that leads to the missing designs that could not be implemented as extensions as they are too complex in their relationships. Nature is round, fluid and flowing, whereas scientific process and design is harsh bordered and stilted. One represents an interaction with infinities and the other with singularities. Perhaps the real perspective is something that is outside the limits of dual perspective analysis of an infinite universe.

There are some problems with integration of all that can be measured and known, perhaps it is the voltmeter that is broken and not the voltage source.

Thus there are many blind spots that develop in human perception and understanding, primarily because the system was not designed to solve the universe, but rather to smell the future. It can be said that throughout history knowledge and nature has been hiding in plain sight. I doubt that many would argue that Egyptian Pharaohs and Greek mathematicians could not have discovered the atom and molecules as they did not exist at that time as they were invented just recently. Perfection is not a word that works and plays well with infinity. So it is obvious that in all time the universe and all of its complexity hides in uncommon sight.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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