Can you hear me now

"An alien walks into a bar..." I suppose it could be the start of a joke, but the topic is communication, signals and language.

Without getting too deep into measurement and quantum mechanics, the act of communicating must change something outside the mechanism of communication to be effective. In addition it must be recognized as communication. In many different realms there is signaling between different localities and organisms. An ant signals to other ants with chemicals and contact, as elephants stomp the ground, while radio waves travel through the Savannah, neutrino streams, neural transmitters, hormones, wires, Gamma bursts, as well as flashes of light and a myriad of other signals, changes and remnants.

The nature of communication is complex and it would seem that it should be simple, but when it interacts with other methods it makes less sense. When a government passes a statute law it serves notice that some action now carries a penalty and imposes some condition. I would not expect an ant to be cognizant of the maritime law relating to biological import and export for instance. So how is it expected that one way communication without acknowledgement is considered communication? This is by definition a monarchy or oligarchy. It is like arresting the blind guy for not heeding the street signs, one must have a reasonable expectation that communication is made to have an orderly and fair society.

That is just an aside on the consequences of communication, and the real issue is something that I have been working on. It is a programming language, that is a machine, that is a system, that is a signal which travels at the speed of light. The concept of teleport is represented in art as some complex double ended machine that moves matter from place to place. I suppose it is "The Fly" that epitomizes the genre or concept. It is a method which can be implemented and applied. It does seem a bit like a monarchy in its communication. If I were to "communicate" a structure to some distant location that happened to be occupied by something, then it would cease to exist in its previous form and in some cases it could be said to be dead as a result. A fly that wanders into a high power communication system would become reorganized by the signal. It certainly would not be the design intent to kill flies.

The assumption of a teleport is that the human form is so complex that it could not be replicated without a template that is destroyed. That isn't true and in addition there is no logic whatsoever that would imply that projecting an entity to some remote point would require the destruction of a template. If there were some intangible thing that could only exist in the confines of a human body that needed to be in only one place at a time it would make sense, but no such thing can exist.

So it is possible to communicate form over distance at the speed of light. I have tested this and it is so. The transfer is one in some ways like a TCP/IP connection with stages that establish a session and requires both ends to synchronize if there is going to be a real communication. Though the process proceeds at the speed of light it doesn't happen without feedback and so a projection has a built in delay which is multiples of the temporal displacement. Unlike the Internet, it does not require that equipment exist at the receiving point. A connection can be projected.

I suppose what is bugging me is that like a person who keeps shouting louder and louder to be heard ( and sometimes don't even care if they are heard and acknowledged ), what consequence is there when governments and people simple force their communication on others? It would seem to me that if some common consideration were not made by recognition of the situation then it would devolve to some form of cyclic chaos of war and exhaustion. Actually that seems to be the state of the world already, but is that a different question?

ADDED: It reminded me of an "X Files" story about an experimental gravity drive plane developed at Area 51 ( IIRC named Dreamland ) which created deformations of matter and being in time and space. In their scenario the effects were reversible in time, however I find that reversible aspect quite implausible. The combination of gravity technology and telemat or matfax as I named it, does have effects like this and it has no mechanism to be shielded against like some Faraday cage of gravity and energy. They are concepts in art and instruments for entertainment and though the interaction of technology seems to always play out like a scene from "Gunsmoke". The world plays out more like the tantrums of a psychopathic child than a rational ordered society. If the principle of greatest force is the only constraining agent, then it must always fail on the advance of any complex technology. It is a mirror of the biological principle of best fit and though it serves in the framework of biological evolution, it is antithetic to a system where effect exceeds scope by such great measure. It is a message and warning that may fall on deaf ears, but bears the communication mark of the universe in its laws which are defined in practice and are not subject to adjudication by any other.

While searching the internet for the X-Files episode I came across dozens of fake stories about gravity drive, secret military operations, nazis , aliens and individuals that claim some such thing. They say it takes one to know one, but my theory is that is takes someone who actually knows the chemical composition of the technology to smell a skunk works. I have worked with agency XXX and agency YYY and I can say for a fact that most of these yahoos aren't that bright and couldn't keep a secret better than anybody else. In addition the paranoia about something that powerful would make it impossible to implement in a government dependent on the dominant physical apparatus.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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