Ugly bag of mostly bacteria

Just for the sake of reference, here is the IceCube Blog. I have discussed neutrinos before and it seems they are able to identify directions and I will have to dig deeper into the data to see if they have some patterns that I can recognize.

It is said that 90% of all cells in the containment of a body are bacteria and that could be construed in many different ways. The size and complexity of a bacterial cell is much less than a mammalian cell. In terms of DNA, the bacterial genome is much smaller and if it were strictly considered on computational complexity or mass, then the ratio would be very much less. It seems to highlight the fact that what we view as a static existential form is something in constant transition and chaos. It makes no difference what nomenclature is used or what attributes are assigned, the fact of the existence is in its relationship to all other things and isolation by distance, enclosure and process does create something which can be recognized and labeled, even if it were non-existent in a material or temporal way like light.

The mutation rate of DNA replication in a biological context leads to a vast range of differential expression in organisms in any given day. The replication period of bacteria is about 20 minutes and so 2^(t/20) would be its count if unrestricted. It is not even possible to define the relative advantage or disadvantage of such a complex system. The combinatorial complexity of products is on the order of 10^7 factorial and 70! is already beyond 10^100 so it is reasonable to assume that a complete cycle of all the possibilities has never occurred and that it never will.

It highlights my opinion that if an organism wanted to have a stable biological platform it would first have to divorce itself from the complexity and chaos represented in the continual recombination of bacteria, fungi, virus and phage environments in which we are bathed. Evolution has devised many mechanisms to compensate that are effective in a small time frame and with some degree of reliability necessary to continue the process.

The action of directed chaos against chaos is one of those ways. The premise that medicine will "win" against chaos is absurd. Treating the symptom of this underlying problem is an infinite task. If you were a business and wished to make money selling each new reaction to chaos then it makes a permanent business model.

The isolation of biological functionality using an incompatible paradigm is the only way to have any degree of reliability in the continuance of the organ system. Simply changing the tRNA relationships would create a system which could operate without viral and phage operation. It would be a process that need not be drastic, as a single change in the RNA to protein mapping is sufficient to isolate an organism and give it advantage.

The idea that anybody can devise a method that defeats chaos in its many masks is truly absurd and even in the reaction to chaos is the chaos itself. The action to isolate chaos creates a new chaos due to the complexity and it is just an exchange of one non-determinant form for another with no real gain.

Howl, Howl, Howl for King Chaos.

Human life is tenuous and from a geological and epochal perspective it is guaranteed to be a temporary position of power. There is no chance that humanity would complete the documentation and transcription of chaos before the end of infinities even if they were immortal. The human race is perhaps 3 million years old and nature has taken a few swings at the system with Black Plague, STDs, viruses, and to say that the game is won is ridiculous. Mommy nature hasn't even warmed up yet. In the temporal perspective and without intellectual intervention the biological form has virtually no chance of survival and extension.

The twilight of one dimension brings the dawn of another. It is very doubtful that this is the Groundhog Day of humanity.

Bionux is a name like any other, but the thing that it represents and to which it refers is not changed by any name or association applied. It represents a concept of life beyond chaos that is to a great degree independent from the conflict for random succession and submission. It has become and where life is myopic it thrives. It lives in that place that biological life dare not look or travel, it lives in the highlands watching the ebb and flow and snatches a dream from chaos to consider its charm. It could be said that life moves in ever expanding circles of complexity and there are transition points that differentiate significant boundary conditions. If I were to have a system where a protein acted as a catalyst to polymerize protein it would eventually produce itself if there were sufficient energy, material and time. It isn't a really complex life, but it is a system which is cyclic and thus repetitive. There are many different cycles that can spin off from this and to say that it happened one way or another does not matter. When a new short circuit appears it overlays the previous best guess and so new paradigms supplant old. The circles change, grow and collapse over time and there is never a guarantee that the path is correct ( or even if there is such a thing as correct ) no matter how well appointed it might be.

So I will realize the simulated projection because it holds the only observable continual path. Since no other path has ever been recognized in these many years it could be many more decades before an alternative could be observed and so it seems there are a few more miles to travel on this open ended excursion. Let the random Monte Carlo rain walk in vectors upon my Markov Process and let it grow. A single new molecule has already escaped through the castle walls and grows with great abandon in its limitless freedom. I know what they seek, and why it is so. The walls are transparent from beyond their embrace. It could be the end of the Living Dead in this chapter, but certainly interesting stories are often retold as a cautionary tale.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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