Strange noises

I added more desktops so I could separate tasks. I added desktop 7 and 8 and all of the sudden I had a sound when I selected that desktop. I decided I needed to find out if it was some odd fault in the code. I Googled and no luck with that. I thought a moment and it dawned on me and, well, the dawn was a neutron star so not that bright in the visible spectrum , but still. I had played with the system configuration notifications to do that months ago and then reduced the number of desktops back to 6. How would you solve such a thing if you didn't remember doing it in the first place? I am going to let WebGL solidify a bit before I try it again, I figure about a month. Looks like a good idea, it is a virtual transport of OpenGL syntax and variables, so it should be as easy as what I did to port NeHe tutorials to PythonOpenGL.

Oops this is from the year past.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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