Borrowing an alien's eyes

While working with the database interface to astronomical data and other databases it occurred to me that anthropomorphic analysis can obscure patterns and meaning in plain sight. The predisposition to see what we want, as well as what we desire, is part of the process of sorting through a set of information that is infinite. If the relationship of every point to every other point is considered, 70 ( seventy ) correlations (70!) or ( 70 factorial ) is 10100 and so it is not ever possible to know or understand every aspect of even a single instant in time. The fact that people see faces and ponies in the star image patterns is typical of this and it means that we see what we understand and that has no meaning in the context of stars and galaxies. The patterns that would be significant would result from the nature of the universe and not the nature of an average experience. The angle of magnetic alignment, the relative velocities, chemical content, anomalous velocities, impossible natural sequences, and many others would have a greater significance in identifying that which is significant beyond the natural process of gas and solid interactions by mass and charge.

I have some very specific goals in analysis and one is the measurement of the "metal" content of spectra as related to time as represented by the speed of light delay between all things in the universe. That temporal delay is identified by the shift red in atomic spectra coupled with keys that indicate object type. Metal is used in quotes as it has a meaning different than the common case. It means all elements that require a fusion beyond He.

So I have decided to make a set of alien eyes to look at the data. If an analysis is started with no preconceived goal in the pattern recognition or association then it will proceed to "recognize" something that would otherwise be ignored. It seems that some sort of cognitive rules should apply that has meaning in the nature of information and its significance above randomness. So I will create several agents that generate their own predispositions and run them on the databases to some conclusion which forces them to decide over a variable time frame.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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