Vector phase partitions ,Accidentally Incognito (AI)

I was considering partitioned Navier-Stokes analysis of the universe with partitions that match the scale of effects. It seems that an OpenGL implementation that represents a specific volume of space with a buoy of sorts that represents the vectors of the material with angular vectors and density as well as other properties. The vectors would be related to any quantity that changed over space and time. A second level of vectors would represent the acceleration and a third would represent the type of acceleration. It would be a database with addressable points that was the distillation of the star and galaxy data transformed for c (speed of light ) delays and expansion of the frame. If space were expanded, then it would have no effect on measure on a local basis, but it would present a difference when material from another time was examined.

Like many other problems it becomes one of factorial expansion of the relationships. It also becomes an issue of relative time to the observer or instrument. The relationships must be reduced to a form which can be interpreted and the scale of observation or partition would be adjusted as areas were examined more closely. This would make changes in the global partitions as the sub-partitions were more effectively modeled. By continuous breadth first search and presentation, it should be possible to drill into the patterns without ending up in a race with the traveling salesman.

That reminds me of something. Accidental encryption. Alchemists developed a skewed view of the universe based upon their experiences and how they were related to other members of the field. In a way this was an accidental encryption of the data, as those who worked with it understood the material in their own way, however it did not have a 1:1 correspondence with the universe. The same could be said of any emerging science as it becomes accidentally encrypted by its own mistakes.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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