Reading between the spectral lions

The data in CSV is automatically imported into OpenOffice spreadsheets and the only problem I had was being too impetuous and not reading that I needed to select the field separator, which one would assume would be comma? eh? I already have CSV utilities that I created for import, manipulation, and export of information data bases from Thunderbird and other mail programs. The query below is to select elements having several characteristic lines in their spectra, so it is proceeding. The biggest issue is names in the database and this is the same issue that arises in programming objects or procedures and shortened names. Kate editor recognizes the filetype sql by extension and hints for key words like C and all programming languages.

I need to make myself a little dictionary, or find a spec on the database that lists fields, names and their real physical meaning. I would guess that there must be a spec somewhere on the SkyServer that has the structure of the possible data elements, but it hasn't jumped out at me yet. HERE is the link to spec for the tables. When or if that is found, I will install a link here, otherwise put up my dictionary.

As I become more familiar with the scope and nomenclature, some new ideas come to mind and it would seem that creative analysis would lead to some very interesting results. This is a space that is 1022 larger than the human sphere of influence and if there isn't something really freakish there it would be very odd in itself. I need to slow down a bit and take some time to familiarize myself with the types of data available and how I can post process that information to identify a 3D representation with scaling for relativistic scale and expansion or contraction or even energy losses across known densities of interstellar obstacles.

--Look for several spectral lions at once. SELECT TOP 10 S.ObjID, S.ra, S.dec, S.z, 'Ha_6565', L.ew, L.ewErr, L.continuum, 'Hb_4863', L2.ew, L2.ewErr, L2.continuum, 'OII_3727', L_OII.ew ,L_OII.ewErr,L_OII.continuum, 'Hd_4103', L_Hd.ew ,L_Hd.ewErr,L_Hd.continuum FROM SpecPhoto AS S -- S is the spectra of galaxy G JOIN SpecLine AS L ON S.SpecObjID = L.SpecObjID -- L is a line of S JOIN SpecLine AS L2 ON S.SpecObjID = L2.SpecObjID -- L2 is a line of S JOIN SpecLine AS L_OII ON S.SpecObjID = L_OII.SpecObjID -- L_OII is a line of S JOIN SpecLine AS L_Hd ON S.SpecObjID = L_Hd.SpecObjID -- L_Hd is a line of S WHERE L.LineId = 6565 -- L is the H alpha line and L2.LineId = 4863 -- L2 is the H beta line and L_OII.LineId = 3727 -- L_OII is the O-II line and L_Hd.LineId = 4103


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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