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While considering the transfer of action potential in a nerve, it seemed that the concept and model was very weak. If I were to assume that an intelligent agent was the designer then it would make sense to have a system which functioned solely on electrical differential. Nature is quite a bit different in its design strategy. The design paradigm is almost always capable of being traced to its origin because it works very much like a water shed. It is the composite response of many different small changes that respond to the gradient of the universal landscape.

Here is a reference to some analysis of neural modeling at In addition it is reasonable to assume that all mechanical, electrical and any other factor influences the gradient of action and development. The concept of Soliton Model is certainly reasonable and solves some problems with natural design. The nerve has no motive, and motive or goal is only created within the interactive matrix of the organism. So the origin of nerve strategy is certainly not directed to this use. It follows that it is the "least biological cost distance" from a previous mode.

I could produce some equations that represent the gradient descent of many different natural processes, but it is clear that it does not really communicate the pertinent information. Conservation of matter would likely be the only equation that I would need to model the entire system and it is personalities and extensions of that basic premise that fits , not best , but perfectly to the result.

It is obvious that the universe is infinite in time and space. I wish there were a better logic system to represent the relationships and communicate that. It is almost certainly true that the universe has existed for some vast time and will continue for some time that is beyond the scope of my mind. Nature has a design rule that guarantees the nature of the universe in which we live and what is present in any particular scope. It presents a very interesting riddle that revises and extends the Fermi paradox. It seems to imply that like ice cores of the Antarctic, the universe may contain information in ever deeper layers.

I live by understanding and it seems that this food has no chance of being depleted.


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Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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