The equation of mind

It does seem possible to establish a method to explore the decision process of an organism. When we say mind it is usually assumed that it relates to humans. It really makes no difference for the scientific analysis. When working with Markov Chains and matrices and graphs and vectors and many other aspects of the physical world, it leads me to the inescapable truth that modeling a physical process is possible in very great detail. The graph or network of animal thought is extensive and is thus very complex in action. Working with software and systems design that approach this complexity assist a person to define the important aspects of a connected interactive network.

The circuit of a simple anemone.

A primitive nervous system, without centralization, coordinates the processes involved in maintaining homeostasis as well as biochemical and physical responses to various stimuli.

There is no question that it acts and reacts in very specific ways within the limits of the chaos that is the universe. There are questions as to whether an animal can feel pain and actually whether a plant can feel pain. I would suggest that it is simply an attribute of a process and certainly is only real in the context of the whole. A human pain nerve removed from the body would sense pain, but would it matter if it isn't connected to the CNS?

It seems to me that human condition can be measured at such a fine grain that similar organisms could be identified by the arrangement and thus response of the cells. I don't imply that it is perfectly determinant, only that it can be modeled and enumerated. It is my opinion that consciousness, and being are simple self delusion. The ability to mimic leads naturally to the incorporation of that which is seen within the organism which emulates it. If I were to run a Windows virtual machine on Linux, I would experience much of teh(sic) frustration that a Windows user experiences constantly. So thus I experience that pain indirectly.

The end result of this is the dependency of the universe and many things can be seen as modeled process with points that can influence the final product in the same way that a+b+c+d=e can be driven to any positive or negative integer by changing only one element. People who seek to control others design the tools that are more effective when applied to the central element. This is why C&C can never be a useful method in highly complex systems. Madness is creeping into the halls of power and it is quite obvious to me, but perhaps I am just a bit more detail oriented than others.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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