An interesting and strange interaction

The idea that the evolution of a natural system responds to factors that have no real design relationship is best highlighted by this link at Kurzweil AI on the genesis of the brain. It is interesting that the nerve activity itself can influence the static differentiation of the brain. The fact that the firing of a nerve could influence the process of its development seems like a crazy manufacturing technique. It does seem to imply that if the brain or spinal column were to be regenerated it would require that power was off during the repair. That is not as odd as it seems in practice. It has been shown that cells can be induced to hibernate by environmental and chemical pressure. It seems reasonable that if I were going to work on somebody's heart, it would much easier and more likely to have a positive outcome if I was not spending most of my time dealing with leaks caused by repairing the system while it was running. It seems comparable to trying change spark plugs on a car while it is traveling down the freeway.

I suppose the surgical techniques developed because of the fallacy that "being" could leave the body if it stopped for too long a time.

ADDED: An odd correlation is that as stem cells repair body damage, does the nervous excitation and activity interfere with regeneration. It seems that it would. This implies that worry and heightened apprehension would impede healing. No scientific proof, but an interesting consideration.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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