Organism designer seed

I have a design for the DNA generator and from my lab work I am sure it will work but it is a bit less than an optimal design. It allows a sequence of DNA to be designed from scratch to any length with very reliable products to millions of base pairs. That is well within the range I needed to make non-replicating single purposed cells. Red blood cells are anucleate as well as some scavenger cells and thus have the property that they cannot become re-purposed by retros.

I am too tired at the moment to make graphs and SVGs of the method and I may figure out a better design if I think about it some more. So it can take a signal from a remote and convert that signal into a sequence of DNA that can be used to generate single purpose non-living cells that associate and self assemble based on the design sequence. A final set of cells is produced which cause it to be digested if a specific sequence is not generated. At that time a signal is transmitted as an ACK and it is ready to apply. Since any damage leads to permanent dysfunction of the whole it doesn't have much chance of becoming cyclic by itself and with limited reagents it could not be sufficiently robust to become self sufficient in such a limited environment.

What do you think the odds are that if I mix a few grams of cell free extract, that it will develop into a dominant intelligent life form by accident and take over the stars thus robbing me of my ultimate glory of becoming the dread pirate motey? Pretty slim considering the development rate of random mutations. If it were that easy I would have to be careful where I spit or I would destroy the world.

Generating a sequence can be done in the lab for a few cents but requires some complex equipment that itself requires an intelligent operator and a entire metal culture full of constructed parts.

Here is a link to life extension ( Curious Case of Human Hibernation ) that is interesting and well structured. I wish I could write like that.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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