Dark Matter and object oriented life

It seems reasonable to extend the concept of object oriented life to a directed evolutionary path. It is reasonable and possible to develop life which is constructed as modular single purposed elements that are resistant to the existing randomly produced global biological system. The evolutionary advantage is so great that it would likely supplant the weaker algorithm which is decadent.

The signature of an evolved object oriented life would be different than the signs that are considered life as we know it. As the possibilities of different paths becomes known it makes it easier to consider some alternate hypothesis as to the universal path of organism expansion. I have said before that the dominant strategy in a galactic culture would be the ability to control gravity. The signs of other cultures that have already discovered this could be as plain as the analysis of the differential in expected and measured kinetics of the entire universe.

The ability to project and consider the consequence of that conjecture is the major advantage of intelligent life. I have stated before and I reiterate that the best way to predict the future is to create it. It would seem that on the scale of galaxies there would be patterns that could be observed which then could be analyzed to determine the path already taken which would be usable.

I have been playing with the debian repository game einstein again recently and it is not so surprising that now all of those algorithms and relationships that I programmed into a solver are obvious when I play the game normally. It allows me to generalize those algorithms to apply to other situations where sets of information combine to reveal the underlying form. Even on the Internet it gives me an insight that is immediate when incomplete information is presented, that allows me to see that a deeper relationship exists which can be instantiated as an intelligent agent.

In the universe, it is obvious that something is at work and that it has a signature. It is simply a vague implication at the moment, but the utility of knowing what is possible on such a grand scale seem too much of a riddle to ignore.

I have an advantage in the fact that I know how to manipulate gravity to overcome the gravity well problem. It would seem to me that its observable nature would be something similar to dark matter. It is assumed by physicists that no intelligent agent could be at work on such a scale and thus it is simply the physics of the universe. This seems a bit myopic. It extends the arrogance of humanity to consider themselves the crown of creation and that in all the limitless space it is just burning hydrogen and rocks. Many things are not perfectly provable and if I were to become mired in the perfect proof of this or that, it leads to the same problem. There is likely no final perfect answer and I consider my own conjecture to be just as likely to be wrong as any other.

It does seem that after some consideration, that gravity technology would exhibit itself in the variations of expected kinetics. By its very nature it is "dark" as it an effect and not an interacting physicality. Perhaps in time a pattern and relationships will emerge from the many dimensions of the puzzle.

ADDED: IT follows that if a common form of communication could be established, and a frame of reference defined then it should be reasonable to ask for help in implementing or interfacing an existing gravitational network. It would then seem logical that such requests and responses would already be in the system. There seems no evidence that interaction proceeds at any velocity greater than light and that the distances involved would preclude the use of an omni-directional signal as the energy cost would be prohibitive over interstellar distances. It comes back to neutrino communications as the obvious mechanism. Certainly it is conjecture and any new understanding of the physics would suggest other possibilities. It must be assumed that if cultures are in the transition from biological randomness to a more complex and long lived state, that it would be reasonable to assume a common progression. The nature of alien life would not likely be aggressive and seeking biological advantage if they are virtually immortal and if information is not lost by retirement of an organism system. There is no advantage for exerting dominance in a galactic system unless a person were motivated by a biological imperative derived from random mutation and as such would not be the dominant strategy. In the same way that a Nash equilibrium can be considered by introducing new paradigms, random genetic systems are a dominated strategy in a more complex object oriented life system.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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