Firefox 4 is coming

It seems they are at rc7 (release candidate ) and expect the ship rc early 2011 and there are a lot of new features that I would like to use. I am planning an open source add on that uses trees and semantic analysis to organize bookmarks locally. I looked into " pearltree addon " and it looks like a way to steal social interaction data and then sell it for targeted advertising. It is easy enough to arrange the data in trees and categories without leaking it to the web. I can even include an intelligent agent to extend my interests and search to extend categories to fill out the tree. I am guessing a model which can be exported to blender or graphviz also. The utility exists in Zim already and I will take a look at that for a start.

I have tried the beta and from all indications it out performs all others when all aspects are considered. Just having a first in, first out bookmark would be helpful. I started wondering about that and started experimenting with manage bookmarks and found that I can take existing bookmarks and sort them in many ways and then move them to a new folder in the order defined. Looks like a lot of the tools to create a tree are already there. That was a surprise and FIFO bookmarks will satisfy my interests for now.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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