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This link has some good references for using opencv. The combinations with Image Magick, gimp, and SDL surfaces should prove interesting. In addition I hope to find the same vector image analysis I use and see if there are things that I didn't think of.

The relationship of this and the way in which the mind processes information is very different. Perhaps a genetic array logic element could be designed to do this for a cyborg. I think that cyborg is the wrong term. If there is no human cellular tissue and it is simply biological building blocks without self replication capability or for that matter retro - transcription - insertion (reverse transcriptase ). It would seem that if the transcription mechanism used a different RNA to protein mapping then no virus or external RNA or even DNA could be interfaced to screw around with the cell unless it was engineered for that purpose and that organism. It might be interesting. Obviously a machine code virus for an Intel machine will not work on a RISC, for example. The ability of a phage or virus to interfere or dominate a cell is dependent on the fact that they speak the dialect of life that has been chosen randomly. In order to be destroyed by an invading virus it would have to be customized to the cell mechanism. It would seem that if cells were clustered with function which used unique transcription templates for each cell, it would make it impossible for a wild agent to dominate plurality logic because it would have to simultaneously and precisely target multiple cells.

That seems like a very good method to incorporate in the lower biological structure. It defines the DNA to RNA and RNA to amino acid interface at compile time. It does not change the ultimate action and it could even be possible to globally define a protein to protein action translation which made it impossible to be abused at the chemical level.

Synthetic life extension has many advantages and the possibilities of new life capabilities is beginning to sink in. The possible implementations are as complex as the universe itself. Beings can be completely unaffected by poisons, viruses, bacteria or even be naturally RAD-HARD. Vacuum is no obstacle for such an organism. Strange days to come.

The actual functional level of an organism is not complex, it is the implementation that is complex. Oxygen and fuel, the other elements that get carried along with that are astoundingly complex as they must take living things and extract the energy and mix it with Oxygen in the environment to provide the raw materials for life. Definitely going to be a very strange decade.

As odd as it might be, I expect that we will see the equivalent of a "Guild Navigator" class of biological entity like that from Dune in the near future. It makes sense to me that if gravity can be controlled, and it requires an intelligent agent that operates in free space, it would be constructed from the easiest nano technology , which is biology and that it would operate without any personal interest in the outcome of biological imperatives. It is doable. I have designed many robots, organisms, semiconductor wafer systems, circuit board manufacture, gate designs, CPUs, and computer systems as well as computer languages. I can speak from a reasonable certainty that this is a technology that can be implemented. It is inherently cost effective as it absorbs its own energy and constructs itself from parts with only the information cost and that is virtually null in the computer age.



Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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