Might as well Ruby

I have studied every other language so now it is Ruby The point is to investigate BioRuby which is part of DiY biology and covers the interest I have in constructed organisms. It is a messy subject as it verges on life itself and some say it is like DiY computers, but it is to computers as do it yourself rulers are to DiY black holes.

It is likely to be the next science for centuries to come. The combination exponential capability and molecular scale as well as the material availability makes it the perfect science for growth(sic). Google groups has some interesting discussions about many topics and it will take me a while to become familiar with the various aspects.

It is my opinion that religion has taken the nature of creation in the mind and perverted to their own purposes. It is so twisted. All so biblical in scope, and yet much like quantum mechanics, they have missed the whole point. The principles work in a kind of weird sort of way, but the entire underpinnings are twisted about their own axis so as to use them but not understand what lies beyond.

In some ways I am about 20 years ahead of the ideas of DiY biology as they are exploring concepts that I entertained and rejected two decades ago for reasons that I have stated. It is not possible to resolve the chaos in a living organism. There is not enough information in the universe to unscramble it and lay it straight to a solution.

# A class class Greeter def initialize(name) @name = name.capitalize end def consoleOut puts "This language is #{@name}!" end end # Create a new object g = Greeter.new("Ruby baby") # Output "A message" g.consoleOut # the file name is ruby.rb # it is invoked at shell with: #ruby ruby.rb #It looks so pythonic!


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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