Kozak consensus sequence for compiling

It is likely that very few people will get how funny this is. The Kozak consensus sequence plays a major role in the initiation of the translation process. I suppose if a person knew how to use cell free extracts and also spent some time with the GNU C compiler it would be funnier.

The Kozak consensus sequence (gcc)gccRccAUGG

For the sake of reference and further study here is a link to another blog about biology. It has some interesting biological analysis and remains active.

The use of constructed non standard RNA to protein synthesis in designed systems creates an environment that blocks the activity of viral programs. Systems of DNA->RNA->amino acid that conform to a specification and have missing codes and missing tRNA can function adequately in many situations, but will not translate natural sequences to useful products. Like a computer program that runs sequentially in a CPU, the failure to execute a single instruction results in the complete dis-function of the whole process. If a particular amino sequence is the active site of any part of the viral mechanism, it ceases to be a complete replication cycle and thus becomes food.

It could be said that natural biological cells are much like the phenomenon of viral infections of the Windows operating system. The advantage of common interface becomes the disadvantage that allows infection and corruption. In an environment where many different effective operating systems exist, it creates a lower level of utility and higher cost to create invading agent programs.

Genetic agents which act without biological imperative also serve to stabilize a population and make it less likely that monopolistic concerns can get a foothold and restrict resources or exert force to compliance. If the common carrier is far beyond their control it makes it virtually impossible to implement a monopoly by force.

Bio-Python. And this sequence is pretty funny too.



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Automated Intelligence
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