The meaning and origin of life [SOLVED]

It is obvious after the fact, when things are solved. I suppose that it is much like integration and differentiation. The difference between "life" and "non-life" can be well defined, but that does not lead to a situation where everything can be placed in one basket or another on this characteristic as it comes with degrees and so any demarcation of the group to be more or less "lify" leads to the same problem which plagues the concept of infinite, infinitesimal and singularity. If it vacillates about the boundary that is arbitrarily defined then it is both. By saying life as a group for conflicting or independent attributes then you encounter all the problems that come from sets: unions, intersects, ....

With that caveat it can be understood why life exists, how it originates in the universe and why we would ask that question. It is clear to me how each of the emotions originate. I would just lay the whole thing out, but it requires some time to consider the consequence of this understanding. It solves many things and explains many others. It is perhaps enough for anybody to know that there is an answer and it is found. Now it is up to others to discover that fact also. It isn't an answer that comes without some risk or with great ease. It is also true that it can be expressed and rejected due to the nature of the system of understanding itself. It is best left as a homework exercise since the answer can sometimes interfere with the ability to find the answer. If I asked someone to find a blindfold and I placed the blindfold on their eyes to demonstrate the answer, that could be considered an analogy for the concept. Sitting in a car with a number on the top of the car, it is difficult to find such a car even though the answer is given and near.

I am not trying to state some Zen-like metaphysical teaching like one hand clapping, the answers are such that I could define a program source code that demonstrates it in practice and perhaps I will do that. I have to consider the consequence before I use that algorithm with one of my free roaming Internet AIs.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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