Administering the Last Writes to a dying drive

On the subject of how odd is the neural process? Something that relates to the nature of a journaling file system, deadly embrace, transaction analysis, locks and back tracking. The symbolism that exists in the mind allows many different interpretations of a situation. The spoken language and the written language interact in some odd ways, as does the implied written language. Homophones, grouping, emphasis, and name overloading act as alternate choices of a communication. I know that.

An odd thought, could there be a C program language that also had a spoken language. I know that LISP has something similar when people speak of CONS, CAR, and CDR.

The combination of a communication system that can be accessed from the earth, a DNA programming language, an interface from DNA computer and communication, and a system which neutralizes gravity between the Earth and Moon is a complete system for space exploration. All of these things are ready to implement. If the goal is simply to expand into space without command and control ( government ) then this is the most sensible first step. Since every large government on the Earth has had a space program, and been unable to achieve this, it seems to support my opinion that government and industry act to stop the creative expansion of science.

The duplicate invention of a microscope that can view molecular interaction in real situations, disconnecting inertia and gravity, neutrino communications, and some other inventions will take much longer than simple things which get duplicated all the time. The fact that physics acts much like a secret science for the power it gives nations, leads to the disinformation and lack of understanding. The universe is infinite and these things that I discover are useful, but they are just little wonders captured from the infinite possible relationships. Like open source education and software, the number of people who have access increases the chances that different perspectives will be applied to a situation and find the better solution.

The idea that genetic advantage is achieved by functional relativity is actually quite absurd. The process of isolating any resource for the subjective interest is a self deception that is useful in the kingdom of the Hippopotamus , but is purely a vestigial affliction for a species which uses information for advantage.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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