The birds

Recently I have been studying language and considering the nature of spoken and written language and how it is implemented in the kludge system that is nature. In addition it was advisable to look at how the language was learned and interpreted. While sitting outside listening to crows that were making noise, it coalesced into language. It was a very odd experience as it is the assumption that there is no language there. It is obvious that if you use a different measure of language that they do in fact chatter on about many things. It has been shown that crows will create complex actions to reach goals like a person would.

This is natural language and would correspond to the origin language of humans. I am sure that spoken language preceded written language as the written language is incomplete. It was my hope to develop a method to understand an alien language and the language of the aliens all about us would be a good test. It seems that it is the general presumption that other animals cannot have a spoken language, It is a bit spooky that one might communicate with creatures at some higher level. Hunters will simulate the mating call of animals to lure them, but to what level of complexity does the system extend?

I have learned many languages for the computer and they are often odd in their nuance. I suppose the question is what I might gain by knowing the language of crows. It does seem that I could make a Turing complete AI now, but sadly that wouldn't be height of intelligence, but a simulation of the strange logic of a biological system.

It is a strange universe and many things are not as well understood as some would have a person believe. Science fiction has a way of highlighting such things but it has been a long time since I have seen any science fiction that rivals what I have discovered about the universe and nature of being itself. CAW, CAW.

While reviewing the MIT lisp lectures it sparks many new ideas when related to new types of machines and more precisely a self assembling biological machine. It is the perfect template and Sussman and Abelson have some very clever insights into the nature of language and logic. Their associations with FSF are also very interesting. Their course is a well worth learning. It seems to yield new insight each time I review it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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