In the process of a mitochondrial operating system I have changed my tack to the winds of biological assembly. It is reasonable to create a complete operating system and its language as well as hardware from a core sequence. It comprises a method to implement the prime component and the staged development of the entire system. It is the same system that can be used to remotely articulate biological action, however it seems limiting to say that it is biological as that encompasses natural life and this covers the infinite extensions that are possible.

A simple computer system must have stable storage (DNA), a logic processing unit and interface to the real world. The IO interface would be the shell command level that would create sequences of action. The output would be unlimited in scope and would only be limited by what is physically possible.

The ability to store and recall is inherent in the DNA mechanism. The ability to compare is engendered in protein to DNA affinities such as promoters or inhibitors. A single bit CPU would not be very effective or fast. The choice of CPU element is key to its utility, however if the entire process is open and extensible, many different versions of the core technology could be devised. It seems reasonable to define a simple communication standard that could be used to describe the interface. The 2 possible base pairs would seem a logical choice, considering the amount of pre-existing documentation.

The result is a computer which can be instantiated with the help of the initiator module. I see no way to get beyond the fact that a simple molecular seed must be used to start the process. Perhaps somebody else will come up with such a thing. I can't see that it would ever be possible to initiate the sequence without a specific physical operator, but perhaps it will occur to me in time.

It does not seem wise to create new life with an existential imperative or even the inherent ability to replicate. It seems the wrong approach to modify life systems like yeast, fungi, and E.coli to act as utility elements as they have their "motives" designed into the system and also have interface to be perverted by an opportunistic agent. Exponential action is certainly an effective algorithm when dealing with a problem, but in this case the underlying mechanism will never be in control of the operator. It is possible to implement an exponential chemical algorithm without the baggage of organism.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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