Information leaks

Since everything in the universe is infinite, it is natural that it is leaky. Containment implies that there is such a thing as a singularity of existence. Perhaps in a black hole, but even there it is in doubt. It still signals its existence and responds to gravity and so it is interactive with the universe and measurable. John Donne said in 1624 that "No man is an island" and I would suggest that no collection is a singularity.

The leakiness of the universe is quite a bit more extensive than the paranoid fantasies of the most psychotic of control freaks that seek power over others. I know of methods and measure beyond that which is commonly known and the isolation on an island must be secure in all of the infinite dimensions.

There is something else at work in the mind of a collector. It isn't subject to rational influence. I can recognize and explain the folly, but reason and rationality is not within itself contagious.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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