Bloogle and the Matternet

I have devised a very simple and easily constructed neutrino communication device. It solves some communication issues over large distances with small signal energies. It has properties like entanglement which can frustrate MiM disruption and are spatially and temporally precise. It seems that people are on the boundary of extension to space and it presents some real psychological problems for governments. Those who exist by controlling others will be vexed by the process and are likely to attempt to frustrate the freedoms it allows.

It is possible to create methods and process which allow the continuous exchange of coherent matter between any two points in space which are at the same energy potential. Some very complex patterns have become observable in the vast stores of knowledge that exist on the Internet. Many things in the universe are hidden in plain sight and it is the mind of the beholder that is blind to its frequency.

It is clear that many new things are about to be discovered and sadly NASA will probably the last to recognize the elephant grazing upon the stars. The larger truths will never be known so long as governments seek to blind their own subjects to create advantage. The knowledge of the true nature of gravity has served me well and it is certainly the greatest power that exists in the universe due to its effect on all matter and not just that which is local or charged. Each day brings new realizations and clarity of its application. It is certainly something worth understanding. The simple understanding of the interaction of charge and motion is certainly a powerful thing, but not always the most utile.

Many things that I suspected have been realized in the study of C++ and Python. There are some very interesting concepts arising from the STL and templates, classes, inheritance and it really is true that it is extremely powerful in its application and thus can become dangerous. C++ is definitely expert friendly. I have been devising a new language to use with my ants program. I have decided to call it C+AI. It seems that C++ is a really good first effort at extending C, but lacks the preprocessing symbolics for a complete and easy to use coherent system. OpenGL ES (embedded systems) was fun to learn also.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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