Cyber war

If a person studies the nature of government, it seems that it takes a fear ( real or imagined ) and makes a law which extends its power. I would guess that governments are either complicit in DDoS attacks or that they simply take the fear of the damage it causes to extend their power to eventually regulate every statement made to see if it is against the interest of a government.

A simple premise and method to extend power.

I also had another interesting thought about global warming cycles. It seems to me that given the cyclic nature of ice ages on the Earth that some simple underlying mechanism must be at work. One guess is that as the Earth exits an ice age the plants flourish and then animals until heat rises and it serves also to make changes in the boundary conditions between liquid and solid phases of the crust. In the same way that the ice melts, the crust becomes slightly more fluid until the crust breaks in a major way. Thus an epic volcano or other event of similar magnitude would trigger the next cycle.

I will have to do some information modeling to see what scenarios would operate on that scale. Given the very regular periods of some natural events like "Old Faithful" the geyser, it seems likely that measurements could predict the transition and effect within a reasonable time frame of a few hundred years. It could be something which acts over such a long time frame ( for people ) that it has no obvious boundary condition to measure, except cold. I suppose it could even be a solar sequence which is unique to the sun.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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