Grav digger

I have completed some new design work and I have a workable "ring system" that could be implemented to travel to the moon, planets, stars and other galaxies. Stargate has a concept based on a worm hole, which is actually only a conjecture based on the concept of a point mass. I don't accept that a point mass even exists, or that a Schwarzschild radius could be traversed by chemical matter.

The result is a system that can deliver normal matter without disruption of its chemical or nuclear structure anywhere in the universe with a common mechanism and the cost is based upon the gravitational differential between the two points. No system can achieve perfect energy conversion, but if the masses are generally the same it will cost very little in the way of mechanism or energy or time to move matter from point A to point B.

There is an open source project to go to the moon and it is called frednet. I have looked into that and it attempts to implement known technology to achieve the task.

Since I know now that it is possible to implement and is not technology that is difficult to understand when a working example is presented, it would seem that like almost everything it would be subject to duplicate invention. The idea that a travel network might already exist from another culture is feasible. This does not mean that when it is implemented that it would not be extended and improved. The concept I have is more like the Wright brother's version of inter-stellar travel and many nuances are certainly possible to facilitate the movement through atmospheres and other irregularities that could be lethal in transit.

It implies another potential signature which could be identified in data from Hubble or other astronomical data. It allows the transport of several tons of matter per hour from two points in various gravity wells with a limiting delay of 'c' . It is not instantaneous, anymore than anything in the universe can be instantaneous. Any device which could achieve simultaneity between two points separated in space would create such a time lash that I would never dare to consider it, at least at the moment.

The image is from the Stargate Wiki, which has a vast detailed description of an imaginary universe. How odd. Since it is possible and could be implemented in reality, I wonder if anyone would care to document the real universe, or whether they would stay bound in a self delusion that makes them happy. Reality can be very scary as it doesn't always proceed based on a script where the good guys win or perhaps that there are no good guys at all. Perhaps it is just my own predisposition that enjoys new things. They can be bad or good , dangerous or inert, ugly or beautiful. It really makes no difference to me if everybody on the entire planet remained bound in one delusion or another.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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