Mathematics of life and death

Breaking news! 204,791 people killed today by a new faction of terrorists called ENTROPY. Entropy says it will kill 200,000 more tomorrow and every day after that unless its demands are met! Murder 10 to 60 per 100,000 per year depending on where you live.

6,890,500,000 people
78.4          life expectancy
87 889 030    deaths per year
240 791       deaths per day
10 032        deaths per hour

6,890,500,000 people
10/100 000
=1/10 000     lowest murder rate
689 050       murders per year
2,000         murders per day

I wonder how the statistics for a single death from whatever cause stacks up to the constant onslaught of time and entropy? It seems really important ( politically and as news ) if 11 people die of "terror" while 2,000 are murdered for other reasons, and 240,000 die from entropy each and every day. Even if the acts of terror are horrid, murder is quite often just as random and horrific. Are resources being applied to stop murders or increase the power of government, level of fear and control as well as pressure submission to authority? It could be said that a random murder is a terrorist society of one. If I am not mistaken the political regime of N Korea killed numerous people at random and it isn't considered "terror" unless it is done by somebody who doesn't yet possess doomsday bombs.

I also wonder whether medicine as it exists can consider itself a worthy and effective adversary to entropy?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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