Field Programmable -Genetic- Array

The advantages of having a biological machine which is constructed as a new machine each time it is applied, is that it can implement each new algorithm without redesign. Redesign is inherent in the original design. The template of organic cell and system of cells is the biological template which implements this method. Since a cellular isolate in a designed biological machine would be the same category when described, this again creates a problem with language. Since cell itself comes from cubicle and is also used for "jail cell" and "animation cell" as well as others.

The advantage of having a logical pair of software and hardware is that it is highly flexible. In a real organism the complexity is handled by creating the hierarchy of cell and organism of cells. This does not have to be applied in that way though it does represent a way to deal with the complexity for the sake of communicating and reuse. The largest advantage is that it can operate in parallel to deal with more complex situations.

In a world or environment where the system is disassociated to its parts for each new design, then it need not deal with parasitic cycles that exist on the Earth, like mosquitoes, viruses, contaminants, and the other problems that a living biological system must compensate for.

In that way, it is possible to have isolated living cultures in space that have no genetic memory of these contaminants. Much of the process and energy of an organism is designed for the defense from other organisms. It reminds me a bit of "core wars" the computer game.

There is no reason that organ systems of a living person could not be replaced by vastly more effective elements if they were not required to respond to an environment where life is continually evolving strategies to invade and destroy other life. The same is true of social framework. Destruction, and rebirth is the only way that nature has to redesign, however an isolated species need not consider such things if their design is stable in itself for a specific environment in a specific time frame.

It seems that an escape from random generated design to something more effective would be reasonable.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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