Why neutrinos?

I know why I have an interest in neutrinos, but is the general curiosity for the same reason? I suspect it is so, but how would one know if they conceal their motives, or perhaps they feel that they will not be funded or even ridiculed for suggesting that there may be communication within that medium. The interaction to produce a muon and Cerenkov radiation is the published implementation and so I do accept that given the information that I have, this seems to be the process.

It does seem that the concept would yield very little results in the area that interests me. The temporal and associative relationships would be lost in such a small statistical sample. If it were communications it would have to be a strange culture that broadcast at such a high energy and slow time frame.

If I were to take the random(nth) bit of a data stream, would I be able to determine if it contained information? It seems that the nature of the collector itself would randomize the information.

It would be an interesting survey to see what neutrino sources existed and in which directions and correlate to a negative star position.

If it were interpolated across the Earth or even the Earth's orbit, then it would be possible to extract directional information. It would seem that the number of stations about the globe would yield a composite data that could extract more information and isolate the direction and intensity of the source, if it were coherent. I suppose it would be possible to identify that a data stream was being sent. It just makes me wonder who would call. It could be galactic neutrino spam from a planet that sells used space crafts to developing worlds.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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