War of life

This may be the basic element that defines the nature of developing life. It seems to me that this would not be the final template of life in the universe as it is a method to deal with chaos ( by pitting chaos against chaos ) and not a directed solution to the issue of continuance. It has everything and nothing to do with open source. The stuff below is just play with scheme since I am studying it for programmable genetic devices.

It does seem that by staying in an environment such as Earth where every previous version of life exists in the attempt to be master of the universe along with every random mutation it can manage, is counterintuitive. How much effort is exerted each day to deal with disease, pollution, mosquitoes, war, random violence, hate, and greed? But what will become here and there? IDK

If people can get outside the sphere of influence of the Earth in a real way, then the separation that space could provide would make it impossible for these sub-agents to continue to evolve.

It would make sense if Bill Gates could have a billion children because he had 40 billion dollars, but the drive to dominate and the purpose of the internal motive are disjoint. The effectiveness of the biological drive to diversify is negligible. The amount of chaos that exists on the planet erodes any ability to have continuance.

I suppose if random evolution were left to continue for another billion years we would eventually be so adapted to this world that it would never be possible to leave it.

The tools are available, it is just the motive and understanding that is lacking. If the goal is to take chaos and a vestigial act of genetic selection through murder, to the stars then it is futile, as chaos is the reason it has not already been achieved.

My only interest is to see what is there as it must certainly be different. Finding an Earth like planet would be my last thought. The ability to control molecular manufacture, manipulate gravity and communicate is all that I would need. A billion times a billion places to go. It isn't a fear of death as that is meaningless in a universe of infinites, it is an escape from chaos and possibly some better answer than I have yet considered.

Scheme> 1 ]->(define x "eat and kill") ;Value: x 1 ]->(define y "torture and kill") ;Value: y 1 ]->(define z "weaken then kill") ;Value: z 1 ]->(gcd-word x y z) ;Value: "kill" 1 ]=> (exit) Kill Scheme (y or n)? Yes Happy Happy Joy Joy.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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