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A wiki is a nice tool to categorize and access information. Groups and IRC are nice ways for people to communicate. The computer has lots of time to look at the data it can represent and display it in ways that would require that a person have complete knowledge of the subject on which they speak. A moderator who remembers all the people who are communicating and can direct a person away from redundant expression or direct them to a subject that needs to be understood to follow a new line of reasoning.

It seems that a new type of social medium is needed to deal with scientific subjects. It doesn't make any difference at /. if 100 people have the same opinion and express it, however in a situation where I wish to share information that contributes to a solution it is just intellectual spam that causes TLDR.

Wikipedia is a great reference at times and certainly useful, but it has become a huge sheet of paper that is cluttered with actual fact, but it has too many pieces of information that I already know. Because there is so much information and such little utility derived from it, then it seems that a better way of using the information should be possible. Perhaps the best idea I have had yet is a virtual personality that mimics my interests. In a way, that is how the AIs operate. They have the ability to identify what they already processed and only deal in new information. If the interface contained such an intelligent agent that only gave me information that was new ( to me ) and pertinent then it would be more convenient. Google and many other social medium do something similar to this and the reflection of that customized interface is likely a representation of a person's interests and character.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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