Space pirates

I have no opinion on this. A strange thing is happening as I become exposed to many different spoken, written and programming languages.. It seems that learning each new one makes it easier to learn the next and this is what one would suspect if you learn how to learn. There will be a brain hack in Paris 1-11-2011 which is about ON/OFF and it is interesting that it is almost a binary data, I suppose it could be 01-11-11.

It is feasible to establish a neutral gravity net between all the gravitational wells in the solar system and to have communications that are not centralized. The biggest issue is that a fairly large amount of biological matter and resources need to be moved along with the human life that would prefer to be in that space. It would seem that a wagon train would be in order. I suggest in a rather paradoxical but effective technique, that the Gravity Guild will grant deeds to the space for those who arrive first and agree to be free citizens of the Gravity Guild. Someone leaked a secret report from NASA that one of the asteroids responded with densities that would suggest a solid gold or platinum core and that it was more gold than had ever existed on the Earth in all of history. Another report is that the asteroid Ceres contains more fresh water than the Earth itself. Its surface is so cold that it allows the common use of existing low temperature super-conductors. In addition it is said that several of the asteroids contains a natural power source so large in scale that each would provide the energy needs of the entire Earth for 1,000 years. I am sure that four of those four legends is true. Some say the solar system is flat and that if you travel beyond its heliosphere you will fall of the edge of the universe and there are dragons there. I suppose they could be right. Space is safer than Earth because people like to kill each other, spread disease, and live under thumb of madmen. I would guess that like any new migration, those who can buy the new resources at zero cost will be the best prepared to survive in the future. Wild dreams that could be new realities. I would suppose that if the gravity railroad is free on board, that plunging an asteroid containing a enough gold to shield a city into Venus and letting the acids do the work of purification would be feasible. Which brings up an interesting thought. If many of the atmospheres of the solar system are corrosive, wouldn't resistant materials from meteorite collisions leave behind the best building material inside those cauldrons? The shielding materials that would allow re-entering those cauldrons for more. Many times the advantage of things just depends on doing it first.

It seems that I remember the startup of Cisco. It could be said that routing the solar system with a network of communications and gravity control would be a business that could net gain on scales that would dwarf the achievements of any age or person in history.I suppose it is just the development of that new method like sailing that makes it feasible. I would suppose that if an adventurer could easily wander the solar system and return it would make it more attractive, but I wonder if I would want to return to the Earth and its constant war and disease? It will likely happen like an explosion and without government control and surely there will be some very strange space pirates Arghh!


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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