Sets within sets

While experimenting with MD2 format and video frames and OpenGL it seems fairly obvious that even ogg video and all video and web formats are strangely archaic, bulky and cumbersome. It is possible to create video streams that are vastly more compressed.

While browsing various new techniques from universities , I came upon an image processing method that allows similar images in a context to be driven by facial animation. Also I have been experimenting with using the web as an external drive that stores textures or data to view and use. I can image scan and view many different images by visiting web pages and no one seems to care that I look at their data and even resize it to fit in a window or even rearrange it for my benefit when viewing. I wonder when it stops being theirs? For instance, I have been making a virtual environment and rather than hand draw a bunch of textures and create animation sequences, it is possible to use image recognition techniques to simply gather images from the web and display them on the fly when the program starts. There are ample images of doors and windows and people from things posted to describe products or events. There is a site that has pictures of the doors they sell. I assume that so long as I don't steal a real door, they would prefer their door designs to be seen. In a virtual world, I might search the web and categorize a set of images as being door like using some analytic tools that I created. It is very simple to cut crop and scale with ImageMagick or other methods. What it means is that instead of a great number of models and textures of static design, it is possible to have environments that reflect a vast array of possibilities. It is simple to keep those that are liked the best and use them in a context as easily as generating them myself. In the process I detect the framework that makes them different in the global context and in the end they become personalities of a continuum of possibilities in the same way that I could say dog and it encompasses many specifics, but has a common characteristic.

The same is true of voice and actions. In my imagination the images of the web are twisted and recombined and sorted to become something new that is a product. It seems just another layer of pre process added to what my mind already does. I wonder where it will end, will I be required to have my mind erased after I view something so that I don't have a derivative thought?

TV shows actually do the same thing. There are few story lines that actually entertain. It makes no difference what the set of faces, voices, places and actions contains. Virtual danger and curiosity that can be modeled as well as any other set. A world of experience without the pain of the real consequences. It is obvious that the majority of TV shows are just a continual repetition of the same story with new players, stolen from the past and offered as new with a price.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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