Future ways

I was watching some of the new Ted Talks and it is fantastic what will soon be possible. The mechanism of hibernation is now known and it is possible and has been tested in animals and people. In animals they were able to put an animal into hibernation and remove their blood and then reinstall it and bring them back after they were dead. It would seem that this would be the perfect operating room technique as a person could be dead for a while as they did their work and be alive again when they were done and the heart lung problem and blood flow interfering would be a thing of the past. Kind of spooky. I also saw a gene implant that would allow the brain to be trained with a light interface. Direct injection of knowledge, which I understand the methods and it was something I assume would eventually happen, but much later.

The idea of knowledge as a treatment is likely to become real. Just don't give a Microsoft brain, I want Linux or Google Android without a software license so I don't get the blue face of death every few hours.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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