The moon and marigold maiden plants that think

The moon is an easily reachable objective from my perspective. There is an open source project to go to the moon and it is FREDNET. The nature of physics and actually much of science is far from complete. Tesla had an understanding which I now grasp and see why he was able to create the things that he did so easily. Many of the principles of science are twisted in such strange ways that I often wonder why they could possibly accept the answers they choose.

The diameter of the moon is one fourth of earth and its mass is 1/81 of Earth. The formula Gm1m2/r^2 would suggest that it would have a surface acceleration of r^2 greater on a mass 1/81 so it would be approximately 16/81 G. It is obvious to me that they are missing many of the principles of the universe and humanity itself. I can cancel inertia and I do understand how to cancel gravity. Inertia can be canceled any where, but gravity technology could be very dangerous in its construction. I discovered a technique to go to the moon and beyond very easily. The only problem that I see is the nature of many people who do not grasp the purpose and significance of cooperative effort in all things. I don't feel all warm and fuzzy about all people and in fact quite the opposite. I do understand that internal struggle leads to ultimate failure of all human life. It is this very myopic individual that knows full well that the result is , and yet serves their own interests to the detriment of the whole. It is not something that will be taught or bred out of the population. If I were to expose a simple means to go to the moon, the nations of the world would steal and restrict the technology and then threaten to kill or kill those who would claim the right of exploration for their own. I see that the UN has already divided up the moon to the nations of Earth. Considering they cannot act there and have no military presence, that seems about as rational as the person who claims to be emperor of Mars and can sell sections of the real estate. The reason they cannot own the moon is because they cannot economically maintain presence there like the colonial days of America. Lots of people claimed the American continent and it seems that it was the pope who claimed it first.

I was solving some equations of matter and one of the things that always bothered me about chemistry is the "valence" which is such an anachronistic concept it hurts. The method of single energy bonding is one of the many things that can lead to a more realistic interaction with the universe. If energy is not limited, if space is not limited, if matter can be configured in any form desired, and the tools of reason are well known, then there is no need to destroy others for advantage in breeding or simply for the desire to dominate and belittle others to serve their psychology.

I have been studying AI and neural sets and connectomes ( a coined phrase from Ted talks ) along with the logic of chemical systems. Energy, construction, travel and intelligence are all easily achievable goals and the only thing that stands in the way of mankind is itself. I recently developed a technique that is cheap to sequence a complete genome in about 24 hours and so I know it is possible. It was obvious when the human genome project started that they needed innovation as I could see many ways that technology from computer technology and automated process would have the job done more quickly. Some say they will go to the moon and "burn their ships" and I do believe they will.

The US government is asking people to create innovation that makes the country strong and that is absurd as ever bit of power that is given to one that rules others by force is a further step back to the age of kings.

I do wish that I could just publish what I discovered about space travel in the same way that I demonstrated a solution to the trisection. It is definitely just as simple and yet thousands of years have passed and that which is obvious is not understood. I often have wondered why the American Indians never developed the wheel, energy systems, or lever systems in their long history and it still makes me wonder. And now I wonder that the door to space is open and nobody seems to notice.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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